Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's day.. Love ma DAD Most..

When I was just a tiny kid,

Do you remember when,

The time you kissed my bruises,

Or cleaned by soiled chin?

You scrambled for the balls I hit,

(Short-winded more than not,)

Yet, every time we'd play a game,

You praised the "outs" I caught.

It seems like only yesterday,

You wiped away my tears,

And late at night I called your name,

To chase away my fears...

Though time has changed your handsome grip,

Your hair is snowy white,

You gait's a little slower now,

Thick glasses help your sight.

Oh, do I thirst for years gone by,

To be that growing lad,

Re-living all of the memories,

Of growing with my dad... >:D<

I just want you to know

you mean the world to me,
Only a heart as dear as yours
-would give so unselfishly.... !! :-*

My learnings

He that to my heart is dear

Has left with the morning dew

But will return with the morning new

To rap his arms around me and hold me near...

There's no place like home

And my home is in his arms

Safe from all harms

That may strike while I am alone..!

With him my heart learned to love

My soul learned to cry

So it hurts me so to say goodbye

To my angel sent from above

He taught me about two becoming one

He showed me life and beauty

And now I feel it's my duty

To keep my life warm with his sun

Only good feelings does he release

Though his love comes from a far

Beneath the silver evening star

And brings with it love and peace...

His live is rightly harmonized

From feelings or thoughts untrue

Which could never make less beautiful the blue

Of the unclouded heavens in his eyes.

And without his soul which tells not a lie

And his spirit wings

Which shade enchanted things

I will cease to live and surely die. ..!! :(

"Happy Birthday" means much more..

"Happy Birthday" means much more

Than have a happy day.

Within these words lie lots of things

I never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,

Then thanks for all you do.

It means you mean a lot to me,

And that I'm proud of you.

But most of all, I guess it means

That I am thinking of

Your happiness on this, your day,

With pleasure and with love...!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

wat i am not... wat we are not..

I am not a great or enthusiastic cook.

I am not eager to get out of bed every morning.

I am not always excited to go to offiz or go to temple..

I am not a particularly inspired or inspiring homeschool teacher..

I am not always patient with myself or my family.

I am not a vegetarian.

I am not afraid of much of anything at all.

I am not ashamed to ask for help... most of the time...!!

I am not hesitant to declare a day off from offiz or work or cleaning.

I am not reluctant to stop everything and drop to my knees in tears, laughter, or prayer.

I am not too proud to beg... for a hug, a kiss, or a piece of chocolate...!!

We are not always happy to be together as a foursome.

We don't always speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs.

We don't ask for or extend forgiveness quickly or easily.

We do not listen to each other particularly well sometimes.

We do not always speak well of each other.

We don't always tell each other the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

We do not always choose organic and healthy things to eat or drink.

We are not eager to share our food with each other.

We do not ask if anyone else wants the last cookie, apple, piece of pie, etc.

We don't always pray and give thanks before every meal.

We do not always put our cell phones or blackberries away when we eat.

We do not always eat in the same room...

We are not always fair when we disagree or argue.

We do not always treat each other with kindness and gentleness.

We do not always say good-night to each other before we go to bed.

We are not especially physically affectionate towards each other.

We do not always prefer each other's company.

We would not choose anyone else to live with or have as our family.

I am not ashamed to say that I love them....!!!