Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thala back on Track


 Ajith quit racing a few years ago following a back injury and has since dedicated his time to cinema and family. But like all racers say, racing is an addiction that no amount of rehab can cure! The adrenaline rush and pure thrill of the sport blurs all harbingers of ill-fate! Once a racer, always a racer! So that quite explains why Ajith could not resist a race when it happened right at home.. 


                           Ajith also had to pacify his fans at the venue who went berserk after they were disappointed with his no-show at the race.  Ajith walked out of the last two rounds since his car developed a technical fault..
On Valentine's Day the star tried his hands again at the wheel for the MRF Racing Challenge. Ajith was happy to make the come back and said he was missing the sport while he was away.

However the actor couldn’t finish the act as he wanted. "The gear box got stuck and I could not go beyond the first gear. But life is full of ups and downs, and I have learnt how to accept such things." The actor said...


Ajith’s wife Shalini and daughter Anoushka were there to cheer the star driver. Speed thrills for Ajith again...

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