Monday, January 18, 2010

Surya - oru kodi oru thodakkam

It is a substantially famous fact person Suriya is doing the mythologic employ of creating cognisance on activity in the teen minds of Dravidian Nadu. His Agaram Foundation has been doing a important employ for whatever instance serving slummy students to move their studies. been doing a remarkable job for some time helping poor students to continue their studies..

Now to verify things to a large sheet Suriyas Agaram Foundation and Vijay TV has become discover with a new information Oru Kodi… Oru Thodakkam which module start on a assignment to support the needy students who could not oppose higher studies exclusive because of non availability of funds. Well-known presenter hit pooled in Rs. 1 crore to be diffuse to the needy students..

Well-known philanthropist have pooled in Rs. 1 crore to be distributed to the needy students...!!

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