Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Avatar - Gigantic entertainment

In the Movie Avatar: The story of ‘Avatar’ takes place in 2154, when a multinational company which is greedy for money reaches the planet ‘Pandora’ for mining. The population of this planet called as “Omaticayo”, are not human beings by genetics. To confront these indifferent creatures, company launches the artificial creatures resembling Omaticayo’s but genetically supported by mix of DNA from human beings and Omaticayo’s…called as “Avatars”

Hero of the movie Jacques Sully (Sam Worthington) replaces his twin brother in this mission and enters the population of Omaticayo’s with out any proper training. His main goal is to study the behavior of these Pandora’s population and create a peaceful atmosphere for company’s mining operations.

Sully enters the stream of these Omaticayo’s and gets trained with all their culture, language, way of living by assistance from Neyitri (Joe Saldana), daughter of head of this tribal looking colony. Sully in no time falls in love with Neyitri and wins her love. The native population of this colony called as “Navi” believes in Eywa, the nature god which will be in the shape of a huge tree with its pollens shining like diamonds in shapes of sea weeds. Omaticayo’s believe them as a proxy to their gods.

Navi’s are par backward from modern technology. They live like tribals and their relationship with biotic community is all related to heart. Their plain hearts and their feelings (more than humanistic) are like a key to make friendship with dragon shaped horses, rhino shaped dangerous animals and bat shaped heavy flying animals (something more than flying saucers).

Exactly on the location of this divine tree is where corporation decides to start their mining operations. Unfortunately Sully fits well into their culture that he forgets to go back to earth or work for the corporation and he desires to get settled with Neyitri.

The commander in chief of this operation Colnel Qatrich (Stephen Lang) doesn’t spare any time now and launches brutal attack on the total community where in numerous navi population are dead. Sully, on behalf of both human beings and navi’s take the task of negotiating with Colnel but fails.

Sully doesn’t want any of the natural minerals of Pandora’s planet to be lost and he assembles all the heads of Omaticayo tribes and launches attack on the earthern human beings residing on this Pandora’s planet and stops them from blasting the nuclear bombs on Pandora. Was he successful in this last battle? What happened to his love Neyitri? Did Sully go back to earth? Whether the corporation was successful in mining? How did Navi’s nature god “Eywa” help them forms the interesting and thrilling last half an hour which is really breathtaking and must be watched on the biggest of the screens.

Values of the Movie Avatar: This scientific fiction of ‘Avatar’ is a visual wonder. It might be the local Navi’s or earthern human beings with heavy robots; marvelously shaped helicopters, spaceships…every picture in this total film is a wonder. The hard works done to create a new look to Pandora planet which certainly must be something more than earth is exhilarating. Every frame of the movie needs a special mention and technicians of any language without barriers will down their jaw in surprise. May it be the makeup or may it be the camera work or may it be the design of creatures or may it be the background score or may it be the perfect editing or may it be the smaller bits of choreography done to extempore the culture of Navi’s…every department it’s the new ‘Avatar’ from James Cameron.

What's it about! :-
The fictional story takes place in 2154 on the faraway moon of Pandora where indigenous Na'vi race inhabits. A greedy Corporate company is hell bent on extracting a precious substance on Pandora and it hires a group of scientists. Jake, a paraplegic war veteran is also brought into it to infiltrate into Na'vi inhabitants. Jake, in his new avatar, meets Neytiri, a female Na’vi, and befriends her. Romance blossoms between them and he now revolts against the greedy corporate company. The story has undercurrent theme of environmentalism, good vs evil battle.

Analysis :-
James Cameron does it again. A cinematic visionary Cameron brings a paradigm shift in filmmaking and in science-fiction cinema. 12 years after that wonderful, Titanic, he provides 'wow' experience one more time with his latest visual splendor - Avatar. The film is released in Telugu across the state today (December 18, 2009) along with the English version. AVATAR is testament to the fact that even human beings are capable of 'creating a world of their own (even though, it is virtual) as varied and as beautiful as God did. His imaginative world - Pandora, far distant from Earth in the universe is reflection of bio-diversity with rich flora and fauna, exotic creatures, colorful flies, and dreamlike lush jungle. This very world and its inhabitants called Na'vi are the backbone of the movie.

Those wonderful Computer Generated Graphics are larger than life. Films like these compel us to watch movies only on the silver screen. We bow to you, Cameron.

The film is completely belongs to the one-man army James Cameron who wrote, edited and directed. Although it is a tad lengthy with 2 hours 45 minutes, the film never lets you down thanks to the director's great grip on narration.

Verdict:- Gigantic entertainment with extraordinary message every human being has to agree for .Go and watch Avatar to the magical experience on silver screen. After Matrix, Avatar has the capability of changing the course of filmmaking in the coming years. Visual feast from master director James Cameron.

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